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Carbolit-Werke, desk light
Carbolit-Werke, desk lightCarbolit-Werke, desk lightCarbolit-Werke, desk lightCarbolit-Werke, desk light
Carbolit-Werke, desk light
holder E 27
connecting cable new,
delivery together with the
original connecting cable and plug.

designed 1929 by Christian Dell
this light was manufactured in
bakelite@ by Römmler/Spremberg.
the machinery was dismantled by the
sowjets and new built nearby Moskow,
Carbolit-Company. manufactured 1960th

Reference Number: L 0158

Manufacturer: Carbolit-Werke, Moskau; UdSSR (Rußland)
Shape/Decor: form nn
Designer/Design: Christian Dell, Kunstschule Frankfurt; um 1929

Height: 450 mm
Width / Diameter: 155 mm Fuß/base
Depth: 200 mm (Fuß/base)
Weight: 3.50 kg
Material: carbolite

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398,00 EUR
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In Stock: 1