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Up to the fifties of the last century the worth of porcelain limited itʻs expansion, particulary as fine figurines, noble vases or exclusive china you could find it in some household. After Worldwar II. manufacturer started with the industrial production of porcelain and founded a culture of tableware, which opened the access to fine, well designed tableware to a wide range of population. Manufacturer as Rosenthal, Hutschenreuther, Arzberg or Schönwald engaged significant designers to create their series of tableware. International formers like Loewy, Scharrer, H. Th. Baumann, Löffelhardt, Wagenfeld or Wirkkala created importand china perfect in form which is up to this day unique in design and haptic. Look out in our gallery for single pieces to supply a want in your tableware or to find a replacement.

bowl, tableware
bowl, tableware "nn"

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